Rehabilitation and reintegration

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This line focuses on patient recovery and decreasing the chronicity of depression.

Topics for specific studies in this line:

1.- Trauma and alterations of early attachment as determinants of depression and personality disorders.

a.- Affective disorders and personality disorders: Effects of early adversity experiences (EAT) in the development and clinical management of complex affective pictures.
Study Director: Sergio Gloger / – Alex Behn /
See description of the study HERE

b.- Components of change in psychotherapy focused on transfer: Selection of short-term modular interventions for the treatment of patients with complex depression.
Study director: Alex Behn / – Paula Errázuriz
See description of the study HERE

2.- Effectiveness of the application of mental e-health devices to reduce the chronicity of recurrent depressive disorders.

a.- Effectiveness of an Internet intervention for the treatment of depression: towards improving the management of depression (ASCENSO Chile)
Study director: Álvaro Carrasco/ – Cristián Cáceres /
See description of the study HERE

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