Esta línea de investigación se enfoca en el análisis de los procesos de cambio y la efectividad de las intervenciones psicológicas. Dos de estos estudios implican estudios de proceso-resultado multinacionales.

Temas para estudios específicos en esta línea:

Estudio Director/a Contacto
Characterization of alliance rupture and resolution episodes based on patients’ andtherapists’ affective-facial communication and their association with psychotherapeuticchange:distinctions for clinical practice. Carolina Altimir
Effectiveness of a brief Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills training group for Borderline Personality Disorder in a public outpatient service in Chile: a multiple baseline comparison. Alex Behn
Towards a comprehensive model of the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy with depressed patients: understanding the relationship between the alliance, patient/therapist characteristics, process variables, and outcome. Paula Errázuriz
Training in psychotherapeutic skills for the management of depression in Primary Health Care. Guillermo de la Parra
Psychotherapeutic process and outcome in institutional settings: a multidimensional study. Daniel Espinosa
Impact of the Diploma Course “Personality Disorders: Theory, Diagnosis and Treatment”on the experience of therapists in their work with difficult patients in the public service Candice Fischer
Psychotherapy during lockdown: how psychotherapists meet and how they perceive current practice. Olga Fernández
Implementation and evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Interventions program in a Specialty Medical Center. Sebastián Medeiros
Contemplative Practices in Psychotherapy (COPiT)–Implementation of contemplative practices in psychotherapy in German speaking countries and Chile Sebastián Medeiros
Qualitative deepening of an online intervention with mentalization-based video-feedback to improve responsive responding in mother-infant dyads with depressive symptoms: Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial. Marcia Olhaberry
Stress, dyadic coping and relational satisfaction in Chilean couples. Diana Rivera
Video-feedback intervention focused on bond quality and parental reflective functioning, aimed at mother-father-child triads Marcia Olhaberry
Development of a Comprehensive Model of Psychotherapy with LGBT Patients: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Patients and Psychotherapist Alemka Tomicic