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Adrián_2This researcher, born in the city of Zaragoza, earned his PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology in early 2015 from the University of Barcelona. As part of his research, he participated in several projects which took him to Switzerland in July 2015 in order to study case formulation and cognitive complexity in therapists. This adventure of knowledge finally took him to Chile, where he intends to learn from the studies conducted by MIDAP.

Psychologist and researcher at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital of the Psychiatric University Hospitals Basel in Switzerland.
The arrival of the professional takes place within the framework of the scientific collaboration network that MIDAP maintains with said Swiss entity and the Schilkrut Medical Institute, institutions that are carrying out the international research called “Mechanisms of change involved in the effectiveness in different age groups of psychotherapies in depression and personality disorders with approaches such as: Adolescent Identity Treatment (AIT)”.

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Psychologist, University of San Buenaventura, Master in Psychology, University of San Buenaventura. Director of the Group of Advanced Studies in Human Development, GESTAR. Magistrate of the Deontological and Bioethical Court of Antioquia. Member of the Scientific Committee CES Psychology Magazine.

Areas of interest: History and epistemology of Psychology, Complex Epistemology, Suicide Attempt and Suicide in children and adolescents.

Graduated in Psychology by Unisinos (1993), specialist in psychoanalytic counseling psychotherapy (IPSI-NH), Master in Clinical Psychology by Unisinos (2011), PhD in Psychology by Unisinos (2018). She has experience as a teacher in the MBA Organizational Behavior Management (Unisinos) course. He is currently conducting research in the Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology in Unisinos, on processes in psychotherapy with borderline patients. She works in the clinical area in a private practice, serving children, adolescents and adults, as well as providing services as an expert in cases of child sexual abuse, adoption and custody disputes. Member of the Psychotherapy Research Society (SPR).

PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Postgraduate in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sports, Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, PhD in Psychology Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Accredited Clinical Psychologist. She currently works as an Academician at the Faculty of Humanities of the Universidad Católica del Norte.

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