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Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Cierpka is Medical Doctor of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychoanalyst and Family Therapist. After his medical training he received his doctorate at the University of Ulm, Germany, then became Professor of Psychosomatics and Family Therapy at the University of Goettingen, Germany. Since 1998 he has been Medical Director of the Institute for Psychosomatic Cooperation Research and Family Therapy at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany.

German Psychoanalytic Association
International Psychoanalytic Association
German Society for Psychiatry
Society for Psychotherapy Research
German Society for Psychosomatic Medicine
American Academy of Couple and Family Therapy

Research interests
Family prevention research, family violence, psychodynamic psychotherapy research

horvath (2Professor Emeritus, Counselling Psychology Program (Education) & Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

He studied Medicine in Marburg, Leeds (England), and Munich from 1963 to 1969. He completed a Psychotherapy specialization at the Department of Psychotherapy of the University of Ulm (1970-1975), where he started his academic career in 1976. He was Associate Professor at the University of Ulm (1977), Head of the Psychoanalytic Methodology Section at the University of Ulm (1978-1989), Head of the Center for Psychotherapy Research, Stuttgart (1988-2004), Visiting Professor at the Psychoanalysis Unit of University College London (1995-2000), Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Psychoanalysis Medicine of Saint Petersburg University (1996), and Visiting Professor at Universidad de Chile (2005).

His publications cover topics such as the psychoanalytic process and outcome research, somato-physical issues in bone marrow transplants, eating disorders, and research on clinical inclusion. Dr. Kächele coauthored (together with Helmut Thomä) the psychoanalytic therapy textbook used at the University of Ulm, which has been translated into 15 languages, including English, German, Italian, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, and Armenian.

Academic at University College London, National Director of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program of the Department of Health (UK), and Director of the Anna Freud Centre, London.