Promoción de la salud y prevención psicosocial

/Promoción de la salud y prevención psicosocial
Promoción de la salud y prevención psicosocial 2023-06-01T15:44:12-04:00

Esta línea de investigación se enfoca en evaluar la efectividad de las estrategias de intervención dirigidas a cambiar las condiciones tempranas asociadas con el desarrollo de la depresión y los trastornos de personalidad, reducir la exclusión social de las personas con discapacidades psicológicas y promover las capacidades de los profesionales de la salud mental.

Temas para estudios específicos en esta línea:

Estudio Director/a Contacto
Design and piloting of a telepsychiatry service to improve mental health care for children and adolescents in violation of their rights and/or subject to the adolescent criminal responsibility law. Matías Irarrázaval
Development and evaluation of a program based on digital technologies for the detection of risk and promotion of help-seeking in university students. Álvaro Jiménez
Randomized pilot feasibility study of a group intervention by video conference to promote maternal sensitivity in mother/infant dyads attended in Primary Health Care. Marcia Olhaberry
Trajectories and predictors of depressive and anxious symptomatology in family caregivers of people with dementia: a longitudinal study. Claudia Miranda
Evaluating the effectiveness of a digital version of the intervention “What Were We thinking” to promote maternal mental health in the postpartum. Carola Pérez
Learning about parenting experiences with young and unborn children during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Chile. Marcia Olhaberry
Implementation and Evaluation of an Intervention with Video-feedback focused on Attachment Quality and Parental Reflective Function, aimed at Mother-Father-Child Triads with difficulties in Child Socioemotional Development. Marcia Olhaberry
Concordance in the physiological and subjective stress response. The role of temperament and family context in emotional regulation in late adolescents and young adults. Carola Pérez
Brief internet mentalization-based video feedback intervention to improve parental sensitivity in depressed mothers being treated in public health services: randomized controlled feasibility trial. Marcia Olhaberry
Construction of co-parenting in first-time parenting couples. Carola Pérez
Concordance in the physiological and subjective stress response. The role of temperament and family context in emotional regulation in late adolescents and young adults. Carola Pérez
Process of psychotherapeutic change in children who have been victims of sexual aggression: Towards a comprehensive model of the influence of responsible adult factors, interventions and the therapeutic relationship. Claudia Capella

Estudios de líneas 1 y 2

Estudio Director/a Contacto
The dreamed body: an exploratory study on the bodily experience of trans* and gendernonconforming (TGNC) people. Claudio Martínez
Facilitating and hindering factors of psychological help-seeking in college students: An integrative and culturally relevant approach Natalia Salinas

Estudios de líneas 2 y 3

Estudio Director/a Contacto
Evolution of therapeutic changeand manifestations of mentalization in therapist-patientinteraction in an online brief intervention based on mentalization with video-feedback withmothers with depressive symptomatology and their infants Catalina Sieverson
Meanings attributed to the experience of quarantine due to COVID-19 from the perspective of the Chilean population: its effects on mental health and coping strategies Nelson Valdés

Estudios de líneas 2 y 4

Estudio Director/a Contacto
Study on the experience of Forest Therapy in women with breast cancer and depressive symptoms Sebastián Medeiros
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